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What is The Future of Local Radio?

Technology Has Come a Long Way

It really wasn't all that long ago, historically speaking, when families gathered around their radio's for an evening of broadcast entertainment. Television had not yet been invented and radio was really a big part of peoples' daily lives! People depended on their radio's to stay abreast of the latest local and national news, sports, weather and local events as well as for entertainment.

I guess that just goes to reinforce the old adage that the more things change, the more they remain the same. People still rely on their radio's for those same exact things! The only thing that has really changed is technology. The ways in which your local news, sports, weather, local events and entertainment are delivered to you. Go on vacation in Hawaii and still listen to a live broadcast of a McMinnville Grizzlies football game!

Until fairly recently, traditional broadcast radio stations would basically have one musical format. Rock, country, easy listening, etc. but with the advent of the worldwide web and ever improving bandwidth and streaming technologies, more and more terrestrial radio stations, including KLYC, have begun streaming their programming over the internet.

This gives listeners their choice of musical formats, while still receiving their local news, sports, weather and local events. No longer are you locked into whatever musical format the stations' music director chooses. The choice is now yours. Now, you are the music director.

So, what is the future of local radio? You're looking at it. KLYC currently streams seven different musical formats over the internet. You choose your musical format and you still receive all of your local programming.

In addition to your home stereo and car radio, you can now listen to KLYC on your pc, your smart phone, your ipod, ipad or wi-fi internet radio. Yeah, things have really changed, but one thing that hasn't changed, is that since 1949, we've been there for you, and no matter what technology has in store for the future, we'll still be there for you... in 2049.

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