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  Newberg, Dundee Police News Confrence held Monday afternoon - 15:00 Wilsonville Police have set up a tip line - 503-554-8954.

Please help us find Jennifer Huston by sharing the "Find Jennifer" Facebook page, the flyer, (Click Here to Print) and most importantly by keeping your eyes open for any sign of Jennifer or her Dark Green 1999 Lexus LX 470, Oregon Plate WXH 011. You can also share on Twitter. Anyone who uses Twitter, please begin sharing this story with the hashtag
If you'd like to help out, you may drop off items like non-perishable snacks & bottled water for those helping with the search efforts. We have a confirmed drop off location of Hillside Church in Newberg at 611 N. Main Sreet. There will be a prayer service held at Hillside church Tuesday evening, July 29th at 7:00 PM. (503) 537-5100
There has also been a fund raising page set up to help offset some of the cost involved in this search: http://www.gofundme.com/c56wyk.


Jennifer's husband appeared on ABC's Good Morning America this morning.

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 Family and friends continue to spread the word about 38-year-old Jennifer Huston, who disappeared from a Newberg gas station on Thursday, according to police. The mother of two wasn't acting strangely before she went missing, and she would never willingly leave her family, her father told NBC affiliate KGW. Her phone and credit cards haven't been used, and any attempts to locate her phone via GPS have been in vain, according to Newberg-Dundee Police.

"We miss her very much," husband Kallen Huston told KGW. "My two boys really, really need her." The family has been working to rally support on Facebook, urging people to print fliers and scour the streets for the mom who was last seen wearing yoga pants and pink and black Nikes. Huston said he's holding out hope that his wife will be found, but also preparing for the worst. "The support we're getting, which is overwhelming, has been huge to keep me positive," he said.

Click the image below to print it as a flyer that you can circulate.

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Yamhill Derby Days Frog Jumping (or sitting) Contest and Tricycle Races.


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vote for macThe Best Main Street in America contest has come to a close. Now all that's left is to wait until the August 17th edition of Parade Magazine, to find out which town won the competition for best Main Street in America. Collierville, Tennessee or McMinnville.

As I've been following the rounds of voting and reading the comments posted by the residents of the 16 wonderful towns that competed, what is clear to me, is that all of us are winners. Every single person that has the privilege of living in the small towns that are Main Street America.    



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The finest actors, performers, writers, producers, directors, and technical craftsmen delivered outstanding programming that fueled the imagination of listeners with drama, comedy, westerns, detective stories, science fiction and adventure.

The lineup includes many of the greatest performers, entertainers and characters in entertainment – including such iconic names as Jack Benny, The Shadow, Burns & Allen, Sam Spade, Jean Shepherd, Gang Busters, Red Skelton, Sherlock Holmes, Our Miss Brooks, The Mysterious Traveler, Abbott & Costello, The Green Hornet, Hopalong Cassidy, and countless others.

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